5 Things you didn’t know you could claim on your tax

Posted on 30th June, 2019

It’s that time of year again — but before you file your tax return, here are 5 surprising things you probably didn’t know you could claim.

 1. Entertainment – A lot of offices these days see the benefit in workers having some fun in the workplace…happy workers are more efficient and loyal. If you offer more than just a jar of International Roast to keep workers going then read on! If you have an entertainment area with a pool table, board games, and even gaming consoles (we want to come and work in your office!).  These are tax-deductible…basically if you invested in any form of employee entertainment, it could be tax deductible.

2. Handbags – Handbags and manbags can be claimed as a tax deduction…it has to be a bag that’s big enough to carry all your work things like your laptop, iPad and work documents (sorry girls you can’t claim your new clutch). So remember that a handbag can be claimed just as a laptop carry bag or briefcase could be.

3. Make up – If your make-up has sun protection and your job requires you to work outdoors, claim away. It has to have a sun protection component to it, not just ordinary makeup. These days most foundation does comply.  

4. Garden Gnomes – While it might seem an odd example, decorative items that were bought to make an investment property more attractive to new tenants could be deducted — including garden gnomes, heated towel rails or clocks. But these items could not be claimed if they were bought for a person’s own property, and in some cases, only a portion of the expense can be claimed, but definitely worth checking out.

5. Subscriptions – Whether it’s the Australia Newspaper, an industry magazine or an app like Canva – if you use your subscriptions for work, you may also be able to claim them on your tax.


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