A little love letter

Posted on 6th February, 2020

I know I’m not the first person in the world to realise how wonderful our region is, but it was made very clear to me this week that we live in a very special part of the world.
On Saturday, I was driving into town to meet a few friends who were passing through on their journey to Brisbane for coffee and on the Bucketts Way, just as I was going past the rubbish tip my tyre exploded.
Straight up exploded.
No other word to describe it, it was a loud pop and my steering started shaking like my car was a tomato sauce bottle with one squirt of sauce left in it.
I turned into the street that Manning Adventist School is on and started to get out the jack and a few things. It’s about 40 degrees outside though and every moment is difficult.
I went out to the road to see if someone could help me but realised I was wasting precious time I could be changing my tyre with.
My middle name is not manual labour and it’s definitely not upper-body strength so I was a little concerned about how well I was going to get the nuts unscrewed and a really lovely guy by the name of Kane in a white commodore pulled over and offered me some help. Kane was a godsend, he changed my tyre in about five minutes at most.
Kane absolutely did not have to stop or help me, but he saved the day and I got to meet my friends on time and show them the beautiful hospitality of the Manning Valley, too.
There was no getting things fixed on the weekend, my rim had a buckle in it and the tyre was shredded. So on Monday I went in to see what my options were at Jax tyres in Taree.
I was very concerned that it was going to cost me a fortune – especially if I needed to replace the rim. I’m currently saving for a trip to England and Ireland in April and buying a new rim would be the difference between me crashing on my friends couch for three weeks or actually going exploring and enjoying the cities.
The staff at Jax could not be more helpful if they tried. They put me in touch with Daryl from D&B Rim Repairs and with a bit of back and forth between the two we came to the conclusion that we may be able to repair it.
Hearing horror stories about the price of replacing my rim from the manufacturer (upwards of $800) this was a huge sigh of relief. I often feel like I get taken advantage of when it comes to things in relation to my car – i used to own a complete lemon and when I lived in a place that pales in comparison to here I spent more money on getting it fixed in a 12 month period than it was worth and it would still overheat in Macca’s drive through – not once did I feel like that this time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m smart in many ways but when it comes to cars I just don’t know a spanner from a wrench.
Daryl called me about an hour after I dropped off my rim to tell me that not only was he able to repair it, it was ready to be picked up.
I’m really appreciative of the crew at Jax, they ordered me a tyre without me having to call them, it was meant to arrive yesterday morning at 11am. They called me at 11:03 to tell me my car was ready to pick up. You know when you have to see a business multiple times in a couple of days and think “man, they must be sick of me by now surely??”. If it was true, I certainly couldn’t feel it. The entire team was friendly and helpful and seemed truly pleased that this saga was now over for me. I felt as valuable as a customer should feel.
Here’s the bit that I’m the most thankful for, I’m from a relatively smallish town in the Hunter Valley and while I have family and friends I’ve known most my life in that area, I don’t think I would have been as well looked after in my hometown as I was here in the Manning Valley this week.
Sure, I probably would have called my dad or a friend to come help me with my tyre, but I’m positively certain that a stranger would probably have just driven past and left me to my own devices.
I also believe unless I went to someone that I knew, getting my rim and tyre fixed would not have been as easy and hassle free as it was.
A cherry on top of this tasty happiness sundae it cost me a fraction to get a new tyre and my rim put back into shape.
Who would wanna live anywhere else? Not this gal.


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