Adam Sandler pays tribute to his best mate on Saturday Night Live

Posted on 6th May, 2019

Adam Sandler brought the Saturday Night Live cast, audience and viewers to tears on the weekend when he took to the stage with a touching tribute to his late friend and former SNL castmate Chris Farley.

Farley was a hugely popular cast member on Saturday Night Live in the 90s and sadly died of a drug overdose at age 33 in 1997. Over the Weekend Sandler returned to SNL for the first time in two decades – and for the first time he hosted the night. To mark this special occasion he performed a song for his best mate and made everybody cry.

“We tell him, ‘Slow down, you’ll end up like  Belushi and Candy‘ / He said, ‘Those guys are my heroes, that’s all fine and dandy / I ain’t making that stuff up / That’s the truth about my boy Chris Farley.”

Saturday Night Live videos are geoblocked from Australia, but thankfully SNL star Leslie Jones has our back:

Sandler premiered this song on his Netflix 100% Fresh special, which was released in October – along with a slew of other silly little ditties and the ultra relatable  Phone, Wallet, Keys *


*some swearing – view at your discretion.

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