Ariel Winter hits back at her Critics

Posted by on 20th September, 2017

Having grown up before our eyes as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, over the last 12 months we’ve seen a real transformation in Ariel Winter, something some people have definitely noticed and have disliked.

But Winter has hit back at her critics with a rant on her Instagram overnight, saying she doesn’t intend to have every one of her fashion choices looked over by people who don’t know her.


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“I’m not trying to be pap’d everywhere I go, I am literally just LIVING, and unfortunately I can’t do that without paparazzi following me around everyday,” she lamented.

“I’m not trying to show you my ass in shorts when I go to the grocery store. I’m trying to live my life.”

Winter also continued to vent her frustrations, particularly about comments regarding her estranged relationship with her mother.

Winter recently told the The Hollywood Reporter her mom dressed her too maturely and sexualised her at a young age.

“I’d also like to address the tweets I get saying, ‘You accused your mother of sexualising you yet you’re a whore.’ I was a CHILD being dressed like I was 24. I was 8-13 years old. I WASN’t an adult as I am now.”

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Winter went on to say she has the right to show her body how she likes without apology.

“And just because I DECIDE to show my body occasionally doesn’t mean I’m unintelligent or that I’m talentless or that I have no self respect. I have extreme SELF RESPECT.”

What do you think? Should we be getting on Ariel Winter’s back about her fashion choices, or should we just leave her alone? Leave your view in the comments below!

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