Bin chook tries to take a ride

Posted on 5th August, 2019

Rollercoasters are scary enough without something not going to plan.

A young girl on the Gold Coast was enjoying her time at MovieWorld and had got ready to take on one of the biggest rollercoasters at the Amusement Park.

She was flying along with her uncle on the rollercoaster at top speed, when a Ibis bird (Bin chook) came out of nowhere and smacked her right in the face!

In the video there was screams of fear and some words that some say may of been fudge or the other f word. Not 100% sure.

After the ride and everyone made sure she was OK, there’s only one thing you can do… Post the video online and watch it go viral. Its very funny!

I’m petrified of both birds and rollercoasters! So I’m not sure how I would of handled the situation. LOL!


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