Buzz off! – Your definitive guide to dealing with Mozzies

Posted on 27th September, 2019

Yesterday I was walking down the street to get a coffee and in the space of five minutes had six different mosquitoes bite me. Mozzies are back and they are hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Every summer, and every time there are puddles around, it’s the bloody (not pun intended) same. I end up looking as bumpy as a cob of corn because they tend to love me, and if they have the choice will bite me 10 times before anybody else even knows they’re around.



So I decided to get your help, best Mozzie repellents care of our fabulous Facebook likers:


Belinda swears by this one:

This is fantastic and natural! Repellent but also if you do get bitten takes the itch away instantly.

Kristy recommends the Sure Mosquito Candle.

Frann Suggested Lads Love Plants & Said they “are a great mosquito deterrent ….. you must disturb the plant each day …. tweek the leaves or ruffle it”

Kathleen swears by “Good old “Rid“,in the roll-on. Get the tropical strength.

Cheryl had a remedy that also gets rid of sandflies which is a big bonus because I hate those little buggers too;

Cheryl: I swear by this we live on the edge of a swamp heaps of mozzies and sandflies. This is the only thing that works for our kid’s. Natural and Deet free.


Steve recommends to Mix baby oil with dettol, best repellent there is

While Denise is a fan of Vapour Rub. Neck,wrists & ankles. They hate it.

Jessica reckons scented moisturiser.

Michelle recommends YaMate: We use the Yamate one, its a cream as has been super effective for us, as well as gentle on our sensitive skin!

Lisa agrees with YaMate.

Krystle’s money is on putting together a mixture: A cup of each- dettol, baby oil, metho, and a vial of citronella oil from the pharmacy (Thursday’s plantation)

While Nikolas suggests you play Justin Beiber. I wish that would work.

Jensen had a great idea for bites too: Lime or Lemon Juice on the bite takes away the itch & reduces swelling.


Are there any we missed? Let us know of Facebook and we’ll add them to our list!

I’m gonna give some of these a go and report back, in the meantime I’ve got some itchy bites that need scratching.



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