Could this be our next Bachelorette?

Posted on 30th October, 2019

Ah, the internet. It’s gave us the other side of Lee Lin Chin, and some Alf Stewart videos I’m not allowed to share.

It turned Shannon Noll into a meme:


Now it’s doing something wonderful for a much loved Aussie Comedian. Well, I hope so anyway.


Judith Lucy is an icon to a girl as salty as I am. She pokes fun at everything with a dry, sassy demeanor. So when I saw that the latest petition is to get her to front the Bachelorette, I’m all in baby!

You can sign it here.


The petition is pretty straightforward “As a single woman over the age of 30, Judith would be a relatable — but revolutionary — presence on a television dating show. To quote one person I spoke to, ‘I would watch the sh*t out of that.’”





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