Did you know you can custom design your very own KitKat?

Posted on 27th March, 2019

KITKAT CHOCOLATORY in Melbourne is no ordinary chocolate factory experience… It’s a mouth-watering, immersive experience where you can create your own kitkat flavours

For $15 you design your own kitkat – chocolate and fillings, then you design the box and choose your wording. If you’re a Kit Kat freak…this is the ultimate experience and the flavour choices are endless:

Dark Cherry – a dark chocolate base blended with delicious cherry, topped with a cookie crumb twig, cranberries, raspberries and sprinkled with maccha powder

Tropical Delight – a white chocolate base blended with mouth-watering passionfruit, topped with raspberry shards and apricot

Cinnamon Doughnut – a milk chocolate base blended with sweet cinnamon, half dipped in a cherry white chocolate and topped with sprinkles

Hazelnut Pretzel Butterballs – a milk chocolate base infused with crushed hazelnuts, topped with a pretzel dipped in butter crocant

Lemon Meringue – a white chocolate base blended with lemon and infused with strawberry, topped with a blueberry white chocolate graffiti and crushed meringue

Maccha Fruit Pretzel – a white chocolate base blended with maccha, topped with pretzel, cranberry and apricot, finished with the iconic and edible KITKAT logo

See some Kit Kat creations in action below  – The Kitkat Chocolatory it’s what dreams are made of…

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