Digital I.D in NSW

Posted on 29th October, 2019

After almost five years since it was first proposed by the state government, New South Welshman can now finally display their driver’s licences on their phones and use it as ID in clubs and pubs.

But make sure your phone isn’t cracked or flat, it must have charge.

The Service NSW app, which allows people to display their ID on smartphones was updated yesterday for all NSW citizens to add their licence.

It is expected that most places will accept the digital licence, but to avoid any problems for sometime consider still holding on to your plastic card. It may take time for some organisations to accept the digital way.

Also if being pulled over make sure you don’t pick up your phone until the officer asks to see your driver’s licence. Which I think is a little confusing as your aren’t meant to touch your phone will your car is on.

Other licences can be used on the app too like boat, RSA, RCG, fishing and working with children.

Let’s see how this will go. The site has already crashed as many people wanted to get their digital licence.

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