Fashion trends that have made a comeback this year

Posted on 16th October, 2019

I’m a typical girl – every time I have an event I buy a new outfit. Whether it’s races, wedding or a birthday party I have a million choices but always seem to buy something new.

And at the moment I have an event coming up so I’ve been scrolling through online to find the perfect outfit and I’ve noticed some trends making a comeback!

Trends that have made a comeback:

  • denim on denim
  • puffy sleeves
  • oversized sunnies
  • mum jeans
  • micro kitten heels
  • clueless look
  • short exercise tights

What will be next? Leg warmers, who knows? My mum and I always say we wish she never threw her old clothes out, we would of been the coolest girls on the block with her old wardrobe.

Maybe when I’m a mum, I’ll keep a box of my clothes now and my kids will be wearing them in 20 years time.

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