Frisky Whiskey to a traditional Irish Coffee – Cocktail ideas to get you in the spirit on St Patricks Day

Posted on 13th March, 2019

Green beer on St Patricks Day…YAWN!  Why not try a Green Beast or a Gaelic flip! Check out these Cocktails to make on St Patricks Day….let us know what you will be mixing, pouring and sipping

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Don’t feel like wearing green this year? Mix a batch of these Margaritas and carry one around with you to stay in the spirit. The avocados, jalapeños, fresh mint and lime juice are a quadruple dose of green and absolutely delicious when mixed with tequila, orange liqueursimple syrup and a pinch of salt.

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It wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail list if it didn’t mention this classic. Whether you’re sipping it with brunch or using it as an after-dinner pick-me-up, the mix of Irish whiskey, brown sugar and hot brewed coffee is sure to please.
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Get all of your guests into the party mood with this green punch. Absinthe is a surprising star in this recipe, but its unmistakable flavour is toned down to a refreshing hint when it’s mixed with fresh lime juice, simple syrup and a little bit of water.

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