Has Beer Science gone too far?

Posted on 20th May, 2019

Is there anything better than relaxing with a beer? Or maybe you’re more of a fan of sitting down with a Tim Tam (or six). Or Both.

If you’re a fan of that last option this might be for you.

One of the latest flavours in the world of experimantal brewing is as ‘straya as they come. From the team at Bigshed a new Tim Tam Slam* brew.

Bigshed’s Craig Basford said his team loves pushing the limits of beer flavours.

“We love playing with existing foods and drinks and seeing what we can do to ‘beerify’ them,” he said.

“The idea being to get a beer that will taste great on its own, but even better when sucked through a Tim Tam.”

I love a good Tim Tam Slam as much as the next person (possibly more!) but I’m really not sure this is for me. Would you Tim Tam Slam a beer?


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