Hold on to your Akubra! McLeod’s Daughters might be making a come back!

Posted on 4th July, 2019

10 Years on from the final Mcleod’s Daughers episode there are talks of the much loved Aussie series making a comeback
And it seems that the cast is all for it! Bridie Carter, who starred as Tess McLeod was asked about the possibility of a revival while at the TV Week Logie Awards over the weekend.
She told TV Week that the fans really want it and so she definitely isn’t ruling out the idea.
“I’ll tell you this, the shoes I have on tonight are Sergio Rossi and I wore them to our first McLeod’s Logies in 2002,” the actress told TV Week.
“So that is a testament for how long this show… it’s still going! People out [on the red carpet] are still talking about it.
“What I say to everybody is, I am like Tess McLeod and I will never give up.”
Bridie’s co-star from the show, Myles Pollard also spoke with Today Extra yesterday, telling them that he’s also on board for the reboot.
“It’s just been released in America on Amazon Prime and it’s just going gangbusters,” he said about the original series.
“So look, while people are still talking about it and there’s an appetite, why not.” As for what a reboot could explore, Myles had a number of ideas up his sleeve.
“There’s so many different storylines. We could have the vegans taking back the farms,” he continued. “And the food crisis, a lot of our product is being exported.”
“It writes itself,” added Today Extra host Brooke Boney.
With sooooooo much reality TV invading our screens it would be great to see the comeback of some good Aussie shows. We can’t wait! Bring back McLeod’s Daughters!

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