How Good Are Our Local Musicians?

Posted on 22nd July, 2021

Living on the Mid-North Coast, there is certainly no shortage of homegrown talent.

From James Johnston to Jake Davey, locals ’round here are very proud of these products of the Manning Great Lakes. Add Hudson Rose, Darren Jack, Fiona Fields, and you find yourself spoilt for choice for singer-songwriters to call our own.

In the case of James Johnston, the boy from Wingham first performed in Pre-School. Since touring the country’s back road of pubs and clubs, he landed a spot on television’s Australian Idol in 2008, and The X Factor in 2014. Now with the release of his first single, “Raised Like That”, the sky’s  the limit.

You can hear it here-

Local Legends: James Johnston (top) and Jake Davey (bottom)

If you don’t know the name Jake Davey, odds are you haven’t been around the Mid Coast for long.

Another emerging Country/Pop singer, Jake started at a young age and now runs his own production studio, as well as writing songs. His catchy love anthem “The Way She Does” plays infectiously on MAX 1073.

Davey has proudly represented the Mid Coast, playing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Wingham Akoostic Festival, Lakeside Festival, and Country at the Beach. He has also supported artists including Diesel, Daryl Braithwaite, Rick Price, Kasey Donovan, Taylor Henderson, Travis Collins, and The Viper Creek Band.

Anew release from his growing catalogue is the single “Ends With Y”. You can hear it here-

Despite forever changing restrictions to viewing live music, artists like James and Jake will persist on performing. Be on the lookout for these artists at not only our  airwaves, but on the touring scene at our local live music venues.

Written by Jayce Flaxman

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