Jack Gray happened – and it’s the collab we’ve been waiting for

Posted on 14th August, 2019

In one of the more Tenacious of meetings, two of the catchiest names in music have finally mixed the ebony and ivory and met!

Last week it was teased that two of the monochromatic Jacks; Black and White had Met.

During Tenacious D’s Nashville show last week Jack Black announced to the crowd that it finally happened “Jack White, we went over to his house today and recorded a brand new song”

Well, proof is up on Jack Black’s Youtube channel (which si excellent if you like gaming btw) and below:

About bloody time!

This meetup happened after Kyle Gass & Jack Black ran into Jack White at Heathrow Airport back in June and documented it on Instagram “we hired a new merch guy” and honestly, it’s not the first time they roped in some rock royalty to their band.



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We hired a new merch guy

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