Kim K Helps Out Former Inmate

Posted on 13th March, 2019

May not be Kanye for President? Maybe Kim K?

Kim Kardashian is very passionate about her views on criminal justice and prison reform in the US.

Last year, she met with President Trump to discuss a grandmothers sentence, which was a life sentence to her first ever drug related offence. This helped the Grandmother with her release.

Now Kimmy K is helping out another former inmate, that served his time on a non violent drug offence.

According to many reports, she has offered to help the man find a stable home and will pay for 5 years of his rent after he was denied housing, so he is able to save up and buy his own house.

We are still waiting on Kim to comment on this lovely gesture. I’m a big fan of Kimmy K, when she does things like this.


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