M-TERTAINMENT: Is Pete Using Ari? And Love Island Winners Announced!

Posted on 6th July, 2018


ARIANA Grande and Pete Davidson have been on a whirlwind romance over the last two months, a romance that is actually causing some concerns in Ari’s family that Pete may be using her.

According to a new report, Grande’s brother Frankie and mother Joan are both “terrified” over her quick engagement, according to a Grande family source who said “Of course everyone is happy for her but they’re also super worried that she is going to get her heart ripped out.”

Pete’s use of Marijuana to combat health issues has also riled up her family, in particular her brother, who has been sober for over a year and can’t believe that Pete thinks smoking every day is okay after struggling with addiction.

“He’s told Ariana this and she doesn’t want to hear any of it,” according to the family source. “She is in love and is convinced her is her soul partner and nothing can change her mind.” 


TAYLA and Grant have been crowned the winners of the first ever series of Love Island Australia, with runners-up Eden & Erin giving exactly what Australia wanted: a bit of a salty response.

Eden & Erin couldn’t hide their disappointment at not picking up the $50,000 first prize that Tayla decided to split with Grant, with the reaction coming after rumours the pair weren’t actually in the game for love but rather in it for the cash.

Social Media reacted in the way social media always does, lapping up the pairs response to coming second.


THE character Jar Jar Binks became one of the most hated characters in the Star Wars universe, and the actor who portrayed him in the film series has detailed how hearing all the backlash affected him, even leading him to contemplate taking his own life.

Ahmed Best posted a photo to Twitter showing he and his young son on top of a bridge, letting fans know that the bridge they were on was the place Best almost ended his life.

Many people – among them Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson – responded with words of encouragement saying “I think there are many of us who’d get quite a lot from hearing your story.”

Best isn’t the only Star Wars character to garner the wrath of the series’ vocal fans – Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran had to quit Instagram last month after suffering months of racist and sexist abuse on social media.


CANADIAN crooner Michael Buble has let slip that his family is set to increase by one, telling an Irish radio station that wife Luisana is pregnant with the couples thirds child, and first daughter.

“I’ve got my first little girl coming in three weeks, and I’ve actually never said that before in public,” Buble giddily told Today FM Ireland host Ian Dempsey.

The Bublé family have had a lot to celebrate in the last year, with their son Noah officially out of the woods following a cancer diagnosis back in 2016 which caused Michael to stop touring so he could look after his son.

Bublé is making his comeback this weekend in Ireland, so maybe we’ll see him down under sooner rather than later.

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