National Water Week is around the corner and we need to save water.

Posted on 8th October, 2019

National Water Week is coming up soon in our local area – 21st Oct – 27th Oct.

And we are in drought at the moment, so why not learn about saving water! We have looked up some helpful facts, to help you learn on saving water.

In the bathroom:

  • Clean your teeth with the tap off.
  • Choose half flush.
  • Reduce your shower times.

In the kitchen:

  • Plug your sink when washing veggies.
  • Fill your dishwasher before turning it on.
  • Pre-washing dishes wastes water.

In the laundry:

  • Make the switch to a front loader.
  • Save 50L of water when you reduce your washing by one load a week.

In the garden:

  • Water your garden 9am
  • Regularly check your sprinklers for leaks

These are just some little things to help out with saving our water. There is loads more ways and they are easy to find online. Let’s try and save as much as we can as many people are struggling in this tough time.

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