New Harry Potter couple???

Posted on 22nd August, 2019

Are the rumours true? Are Hermione (Emma Watson) and Malfoy (Tom Felton) dating???

All us Harry Potter fans need to know ASAP!

There hasn’t been any offical confirmation to this new couple yet, but there is definitely some signs.

Tom posted a pic of him teaching Emma how to play the guitar and they do look quite close and cuddly.

He also posted another pic soon after with a feminist slogan shirt, which we all know Emma loves! She was credited for taking the pic too and they were in South Africa according to the tag… Maybe they are on a cute couple getaway?

We all know they have been hanging out for a while now, but not as cute as this! They have referred to each other as friends, but maybe that’s just a cover up?

Emma used to have a crush on Tom back when they were filming for Harry Potter many years ago, but he was unaware. Not too late to light to flame though. Newest hottest celeb couple for the year, maybe?

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