5 Tips For Making a Great First Impression With Customers or Clients

Posted on 19th March, 2019

Making a great first impression is essential when you own a business…you want to be memorable for all the right reasons. People who are happy with your service are more likely to come back and they’ll also share their positive experience with friends. Here are our tips on how you can make a good first impression

Be Positive:  Your attitude shines through in everything you do – a negative attitude never results in a positive outcome. Yep, it’s a no brainer…when you’re dealing with customers, smile be happy. It’s the first rule of great customer service.

Be punctual: Arriving late to a meeting or an appointment is a major no-no in business. It makes you look like you don’t really respect the other person’s time. If you’re running late always call and let them know.

Have a website: Being easy to find on the web is a must…good old google is how most people will search to find out more about your business…whether it’s simply to find your address and phone number or to find out more about the product or service you offer. A website that looks great, is easy to navigate and mobile friendly is a must.

Follow up and follow through: If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do. You know the saying “under promise and over deliver”, how nice is it if someone says – I’ll have that to you by Thursday and then you get it Wednesday morning…be memorable for the right reasons.

Have happy employees; Happy employees are the key to success. They not only keep your business going, but happy employees also create a great atmosphere, give good customer service and studies have shown businesses with happy employees outperform those that have unhappy employees.





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