Pelican Tagged In Victorian Research Project Sighted In The Great Lakes. You can help scientist with research.

Posted on 7th August, 2019

Sadly our Pelican friend from the 7-day makeover project seems to be lost…however we can maybe help when it comes to locating some real pelicans after a pelican from Victoria was spotted in the Great Lakes. When Bird Life Australia project manager Deb Sullivan first heard that a pelican she had banded with the number 217 in Victoria last year had been spotted in The Great Lakes – more than 700 kilometres in away from its original home she cried.

“I was so excited, I cried tears of happiness, I was absolutely thrilled,” she said.

“Often when birds are banded you don’t hear anything of their travels for long periods of time; perhaps you never hear of them.

Four pelicans in a lake.


Ms Sullivan said the project had tagged pelicans with readable, coloured bands making it easier to identify where they were from.

She encourages people to be aware and report any sightings of banded birds, including number 217.

“Citizen science in reporting these sorts of sightings is absolutely critical in pulling together the data we need for our movement studies,” she said.

“We don’t know if 217 had company on its adventure north, so we encourage everyone to keep their eyes open.”

If you happen to see one of these tagged pelicans you can report it hereĀ



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