Sail around Croatia and be paid!

Posted on 16th August, 2019

Do you like fine wine, delicious food and want to soak up the sun on a cruise ship in Croatia? Well, have I found the job for you! You’ll be paid $890!

A Croatian cruise company is looking for a taste tester to trail their 7 day holiday.

Starting next year the boat will sail and explore the coastline.

You’ll visit wineries, oyster farms and restaurants with all of the finest food and wine to taste.

If you want this awesome job, you HAVE to be a keen foodie and drinker (I’m keen) and you need a knowledge on food and wine too (I’d be able to make something up, “foods great, 10/10 from me”). I think I’m ready to take the position…

You have until the 4th of September to apply and need to be able to travel in October next year. Look, if you can’t I’ll take the place. SIGN ME UP! I love both food and wine and wouldn’t mind a holiday!

(You have to pay for your own flights to and from there)

Sharings Caring!