SleepBuses: Helping Those In Need

Posted on 6th August, 2021

A good night’s sleep is everything.

With the dramatic increase of men, women, and their children ending up on the streets due to financial strife, family breakdown and other factors, a man in Melbourne took action. Simon Lowe is the founder of With the aim of bringing safe, temporary, overnight accomodation to people sleeping rough in Australia, Simon set about the ingenious idea of converting former school buses into mobile sleeping pods.

Not only has the idea taken off, but the project has come to life. With the aid of GoFundMe pages, Sleepbuses now provide over 8,000 safe sleeps per year for those who would otherwise be in dire straights.

An inside view of a Sleepbus.

These Buses don’t come cheap though. From start to finish, a retired school bus can be turned into a sleepbus at a cost of aproximately $100,000

Sleepbus founder Simon Rowe hard at work

You can hear Simon discussing the project with Jayce on the MAX 1073 Brekky show here-

Closer to home on the Mid North Coast, numbers indicate that there is an issue with homelessness in our area. With the situation in need of attention, a local retiree, Terry Stanton has started the Manning Homeless Action Supporters Group. Terry has also been in contact with Simon, who will be providing the bus if our community can raise the $100,000 needed.

Terry wishes to thank the Manning United Church, Rotary clubs across Taree, the Samaritans of Taree, and Compass Housing for their initial interest and help to get the ball rolling for a potential Sleepbus on the Mid North Coast.

To learn more, or to donate, visit

Written by Jayce Flaxman

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