Some cold weather tips!

Posted on 4th July, 2019

We’re well into the thick of winter and everybody has their own little tips and tricks to make it through the cold, wet and dreary middle months of the year and most importantly; to make it through safely.

With the heartbreaking tragedy in the Hunter Valley last week, here at Max 1073 we’ve decided to put together a small little list of tips, tricks and things to keep in mind while trying to keep warm this winter:


Get yourself a heat pack: made of wheat or rice, you heat these bad boys up in the microwave and they work like a dreeaaaam – heat packs are especially good if you’re a little scared of hot water bottles. As they only are as hot as you heat them and gradually decrease over time. + really good for any muscle pains you may have.

Remember to make sure your heater is clean: Bits of dust and dirt get stuck to these while they’re in storage and while it may not be much, even the smallest trace of this could potentially start a housefire – but also gives off a gross odour and can damage the heater by ‘cooking’ to the surface and therefore causing you to replace it earlier than you were expecting.  Homeguides have a lot of handy little cleaning tips for your heater, just have a search of which kind of heater you have and you’ll be able to find the most effective/safest method for cleaning your heater.

Get your fireplace checked: by a professional. Fireplaces can create a substance called creosote, which can ignite in the chimney – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once a year is a good rule to follow for this. Also make sure you’ve got a cover or tempered glass screen to make sure while you’ve got a fire burning, any sparks don’t get onto your floor and ignite.

Check your smoke alarms: You know the rule to check your smoke alarm batteries at daylight savings beginning and end – but it’s still best to see that they’re in working order. I’m not recommending you burn  some toast on purpose – although that may work – there is a little test button.

Candles: My mum has drilled it into me a billion times to not leave candles unattended – even if they’re enclosed in a votive glass or oil burner,  don’t leave candles burning while you’re out of the house, asleep or even in the other room. Same goes for incense, and also your oven.

Curtains: bit of a left field tip here, but changing out your light, summery curtains, for thicker ones in winter will help block out the cold and help you with your heating bill this winter.

Use a slow cooker: look, it turns out fans of This Is Us will be apprehensive about this one but they need not be scared because slow cookers, when used correctly are godsends in winter. Is there anything better than walking in the door on a cold night to a big hearty stew ready to be served? Not in my books. Just make sure that if you’ve got a slow cooker on the bench that’s it’s clear of obstructions and you’re not overfilling it – pop it on a low heat and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummm.

Get a rug: the extra insulation on your floor will help keep the warmth in your home without affecting your power bill.

Seal it up, baby: Door snakes, door jambs all kinds of seals, are your friends and worth it if you’re being power conscious.

Check your socks: Are you still wearing the same thin socks you wear with your sneakers in summer? I’m a big fan of bedsocks in my boots all winter to keep my feet warm, because once I lose heat in them, I’m freezing all day. A lot of cheap shops have some thermal socks too and they’re really good for keeping heat in, without resorting to upping the thermostat.

Finally, get yourself a warm hat: you lose 80% of your body heat through the top of your head, so grab yourself a beanie or a nice woolen or felt hat for your noggin. I swear the only reason I didn’t get pneumonia a few years ago when I shaved my hair off in winter (in hindsight a stupid idea.. but it was for a good cause) was because I wore a beanie to be every single night. There’s plenty of nice ones out there too, so if you don’t have a mum that knits constantly like mine, you might find one you like at the markets, at one of our local businesses or even The Mark Hughes Foundation which have released a whole bunch of new fab designs and the proceed will go to helping those affected by brain cancer.




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