Stone the flamin crows Home and Away’s days could be numbered?

Posted on 8th July, 2019

Channel Seven’s long-running soap is in trouble – sitting in the prime time 7 o’clock spot the ratings have not been good and TV execs are taking notice.

Home and Away has held Seven’s 7pm timeslot for the past 30 years but, as TV Black Box reports, audiences of the Aussie soap are leaving… and they’re not returning…strewth could this mean the end?


Last week they report 7News had an audience of 1.115 million in the 6.30pm timeslot, by 7pm that audience had shrunk to 661k.


Word around the water cooler is Seven is considering moving Home and Away to a later timeslot which would allow the show to go with more adult storylines or another option is the show may move over to 7PLUS.

Earlier this year, Home and Away was moved temporarily from the 7pm slot to make way for the launch of MKR.

Unless producers can find a way to reboot the beachside soap quickly, SEVEN’s bosses will have little choice but to take action. Read the full report at Black Box

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