Swifties were on the hunt for Dua Lipa in 2016, because fans are just NUTS

Posted by on 27th February, 2018

She might be the most streamed Artist in the UK in 2017 and she may have picked up two BRIT awards last week, but there was a time when fans of Taylor Swift wanted “New Rules” singer Dua Lipa wanted her dead!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lipa talked about how back in 2016 she received death threats from fans of the “Shake It Off singer” because she apparently had sided with Kanye West over her in the duo’s on-going beef.

“I wasn’t thinking about their beef,” Lipa revealed.

“I was thinking about their music, and Taylor is amazing, but I’m such a hip-hop fan that I would probably choose Kanye over anyone.”

Lipa went on to admit that the reaction from Team Swift went way beyond her expectations and not in a good way.

“They were sending me snake emojis for, like, three days straight. They’re like, ‘I hope you die.’ I’m like, ‘Yo! I literally didn’t say anything,'” she recalled.

Back in October, Dua seemed to recruit Swifties in her corner after the budding singer was spotted wearing a Speak Now shirt during a fan meet and greet. In fact, she even caught the attention of Taylor herself. Unfortunately, the tide turned after Dua’s 2016 interview made the rounds, at least for her diehard fans.


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