T-Rex Gets Christmas Jumper

Posted on 7th December, 2021

Very festive: A huge Christmas jumper has been knitted and fitted to the Tyrannosaurus Rex at London’s Natural History Museum.

The animatronic T-Rex is sporting the festive knit, which has been made by a family-run firm in Leicester. Using recycled yarn and plastic bottles, the jumper is also enviro-friendly.

British Christmas Jumpers has previously produced sweaters for Ed Sheeran and the Houses of Parliament. Yet, this has been there largest Knitting project, 12 times larger than a human-sized jumper.

“Don’t look now, I’m naked”

All in the name of good fun, and hoping to attract visitors to the museum after a tough year, the proceeds of souvenir jumpers, also available at the museum, will go towards museum maintenance, especially for it’s 80 metre-tall resident.

Written by Jayce Flaxman

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