T-Swift and Joe Alwyn engaged????

Posted on 15th August, 2019

All of the Taylor Swift fans have speculated that her boyfriend of 3 years, Joe Alwyn, are engaged…

As we all know Swift loves to use her songs and music video clips to send have listeners secret messages!

All of the theories have started after she posed for US Vogue and she released a few of the lyrics from her upcoming single ‘Lover’. The lyrics involved “My hearts been borrowed and yours has been turned blue”

We all know the old wedding tale something borrowed and something blue… Could it mean they are engaged?

Also!!! Ryan Tedder, who had worked with Swift in the past posted a pic buttttt quickly deleted it, of a champagne bottle with what looked like to the Swifts and Alwyn’s initials engraved with a save the date tag.

Scandalous! We will just have to wait and see when her album drops and find out if Swift has put a ring on it!

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