This Greek Island will pay you $800 Australian dollars a month to live there

Posted on 5th July, 2019

A Greek island, only 45 minutes from Athens, wants to pay you €450 a month to live there.

That’s around $800 Aussie Dollar. Yes, the island of Antikythira is on the lookout for new residents and is so desperate to bump up the population that they’re willing to pay you as well as give you a plot of land to build on.

The island has just 24 permanent residents which expands to about 40 during the summer months.

The island’s website describes it as “one of the tiniest, non-modernised, inhabited Greek Islands.”

It also says that there is “limited food shopping” and “limited resources”, such as no bank or ATM, on the island.

They do have, however, wine, internet and “unlimited relaxation”. Sound perfect…There is, of course, a catch – the monthly wage is supported and paid for by the local Greek Orthodox Church, who are only on the lookout for young families. So bachelors and bachelorettes need not apply. Four families have been accepted onto the grant scheme. If you think you’d like to be family number 5 you should apply on the Antikythira website ASAP.

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