What’s your life hack?

Posted on 26th March, 2019

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a quicker, better and easier method of getting every day tasks done.

From news.com.au – Tiffany Keegan,  A Queensland Hairdresser & Mum has urged parents to hold onto the Nurofen for children plunger/syringes because of a really simple First Aid Trick!

Tiffany posted to her salon’s facebook page “If you have ever bought Nurofen for kids before you would know it comes with this little thing to measure and administer the liquid (gold) medicine,”.

Why should you hold onto it?


“Turns out they are MAGIC for removing splinters, tiny shards of glass, bee sting venom in a quick, non-invasive, painless way,” Tiffany said.


Such a clever trick that I hadn’t thought of before!

It’s got me thinking of some of the better life hacks I’ve heard over the years.


Putting ice cubes in your dryer. 

Why? – if you put ice in your dryer with your clothes (about two to three) and pop it on the highest setting, the steam will help iron out your wrinkles!

Pick up broken glass with bread.

How? Sweep up all the glass the best you can – but no matter how great of a sweeper you are, it’s near impossible to know you’ve gotten all the little fragments. Grab a slice of bread, and press it down on the floor in all the places where you may still have tiny little bits of glass.

Remember to chuck the bread in the bin when you’re done or someone might end up with a sore belly!

and finally, one I invented (I think) put your friends and family’s birthdays as your phone passcode!

It’s always nice to not need facebook to remind you that your friends birthday is coming up, but who has time to check a calendar every morning? Okay, probably a lot of people, but who can be bothered? not me!!

I started doing this yearsssss ago when I got my first smartphone. You’re playing with danger if you don’t put a passcode on them so I figured I would double up on good ideas and set my passcode to my best friend’s birthday, then my niece’s – I generally keep the passcode for about 3-6 months which is a long enough period of time that the repetitive action will keep it in my brain forever – haven’t forgotten one of those yet!


I’d love to know which life hack you use on the regular let us know on our facebook 🙂

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