Your Old Video Tapes From The 90’s Could Be Worth Thousands!

Posted on 19th August, 2019

Hopefully, your old video tapes sparked joy when you did your Marie Kondo de-clutter or you may have tossed away thousands of dollars.

 We understand the record revival…but video tapes really? What’s to love…remember having to rewind once you finished watching or when your VHS player decided to chew up the video just as the cliff hanger scene was playing…despite this it seems video tapes are making a comeback.

New data collected by eBay has discovered that almost 250,000 video tapes have been sold in the past 12 months.  And they’re in high demand with collectors buying into the craze,” says Sophie Onikul, Trendwatcher at eBay. “From Disney to classic movies, your old video tapes can be a great earner with pristine, special edition sets sometimes selling for thousands of dollars.

Wondering which VHS tapes are worth the most? Here are some  of the most expensive VHS tapes sold in the past 12 months include:

  • Mulan 1999 Special Edition sold for $21,111
  • Set of 7 Disney Classics in Black Diamond edition including Aladdin, Bambi and the Rescuers sold for $18,000
  • Aladdin Black Diamond edition sold for $17,000
  • The Little Mermaid 1990 sold for $15,000
  • Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond edition 1992 sold for $9,999


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