Mid Coast Pickers Episode #2- A 1947 HMV Radio!

Posted on 16th May, 2022

And now for the next installment of the breakky show’s new segment, “Mid Coast Pickers”, where Jayce is in search of the weird, strange, and unusual on the Mid Coast.

Last Friday, Jayce headed to the Cundletown Museum, where he met a volunteer named Keith.Happy to show off everything the local museum has to offer, Keith is very proud of local history. Hear the story of his 1947 HMV radio, and what the locals listened to on it, here- https://soundcloud.com/user-377596040/mid-coast-pickers-2-keiths-1947-radio


The genuine article : the 1947 radio lives at the museum in Cundletown

Keith explained to Jayce that the radio was a handy thing for workers at the local mill, and it ran off a seperate battery, which had to be taken into Taree to be charged. Imagine the excitement when world events were brought to Taree via the airwaves!

If you have something worth a look or a share, we’d love to see it!

-written by Jayce Flaxman

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