Pass The Popcorn With Peter Howard of Fays Twin Cinema

Posted on 15th June, 2024

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When Peter from Fays Twin Cinema caught up with Jolly and Shelly, he took them for a trip down memory lane as well as gave  exciting previews of the cinematic treats in store for moviegoers.

Starting with a nostalgic revisit of the iconic Bad Boys movies, they talked about the very anticipated new instalment, “Ride or Die.” The action-packed thriller has already soared to be the number one film around the world, ensuring that adrenaline junkies and fans alike will be thoroughly entertained.

Their chat then turned to the much-anticipated sequel, Inside Out 2. You’re sure to be captivated as Riley, now a pre-teen, navigates a whole new set of emotions. This movie is both heart-warming and hilarious – the perfect weekend outing for parents and children alike, with the added bonus of limited-edition collectible cups and popcorn buckets featuring the beloved Inside Out characters.

For those seeking a chilling movie experience, The Strangers is set to hit the Fays Twin Cinema screens for one week only, catering to horror enthusiasts who crave a spine-tingling thrill.

Peter also teased some upcoming releases, including  Despicable Me 4, which reunites us all with the mischievous Minions and their beloved leader, Gru.

Additionally, the prequel to the acclaimed ‘A Quiet Place’ series, Quiet Place Day One, is sure to captivate moviegoers with its suspenseful narrative.

Fans of the iconic Australian rock band Midnight Oil are also in for a real treat, as their story is set to hit the big screen in the captivating new documentary film “Midnight Oil – The Hardest Line.” This will delve deep into the history and legacy of the group, taking viewers on a journey through their career. This is a strictly limited showing, so secure tickets quickly before it disappears from the big screen.

As if these tantalizing cinematic offerings weren’t enough, Peter revealed that Fays Twin Cinema will be bringing back its popular Bargain Days, allowing patrons to enjoy discounted ticket prices for any showings before 6 PM on Tuesdays. This news is sure to delight movie lovers seeking a budget-friendly way to indulge in the magic of the big screen.

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